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Room Eleven Media is a production boutique specializing in High Definition online content, branding and identity, web development, web design, social media marketing, and viral campaigns. We are a team of creative professionals who believe that stories connect people. We believe that stories, more than anything else, are what compel us to eat at a particular restaurant or purchase a particular item, invest in a particular interest or shop at a particular store.

At Room Eleven Media, we are interested in the underbelly of a product, a place, a person, a company. We want to know where you came from and where you are going. We want to know what beliefs drive you to do what you do every day. And we want to help you share that story so that others can be a part of it.

Some of our clients include:

Grow Financial for Campbell Creative
Beauty Rest Mattresses for Vellum Atlanta
Scout Mob Atlanta
FADO Irish Pub for BreenSmith Advertising
City Building, Inc for Campbell Creative
Auburn University's College of Architecture, Design & Construction
Scratch Golf
Wickles Pickles
Brigade Coffee
James Farmer
Hal Moore Leadership Academy.

We Build Great Sites

When it comes to web design, we like to think of your site as your little corner of the Internet. We want your audience to feel like they are walking into your business, like they're pulling up a chair in your office. And, while we do want every site we design and develop to be beautiful, we also want to ensure that people get what they need in order to do business with you once they get there. We believe in self reliance, so once we build your site, we'll teach you how to manage your own content because we understand that stories change, expand, and even reimagine themselves over time. Your website should be able to grow with you, and so that's what we offer: crisp, clean, timeless design built on a platform that is secure and accessible for you and your audience.

Your story begins today. Drop us a line and let us help you get started.


One 4 the Show

Free Art Friday, or #FAFATL, was started by Atlanta artist KennTwoFour, who says he wanted to “curate an art show out in the streets” where “people can just make work and it doesn’t have to be graded or gauged.” Accessible, inclusive, awesome, right? Still. A bunch of artists gifting their work to our great city? […]

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