At Room Eleven Media, we are really interested in stories that make us feel human, that make us feel connected, and in that spirit, we give you CATLANTA, the first in a series of videos we’re making this year about street artist. Catlanta’s art is about bringing people together. He engages US in his process–you’re not just passively standing around a gallery looking at art, you are a part of that art, whether you’ve thrown an idea out on Facebook or Twitter about the kinds of cats you want to see, or you’re a part of the rat race, sprinting to the finish in your favorite local Atlanta initiative t-shirt and hoodie. His work is “friendly” in that he doesn’t deface anything permanently–instead, he invites Atlantans to GO OUT and PLAY in their city by leading us in this scavenger hunt that ultimately leads us to discover new favorite places in the city.

We’re also BIG fans of people who make their own way, who aren’t afraid to follow their hearts and go for the life they want simply because they want it, not because it’s safe or secure–kind of a “leap and the net will appear” sort of thing, and Catlanta has certainly done that. We actually interviewed his parents for the video, which we ended up deciding to save for a larger piece we’re working on about the free art movement that’s happening in ATL, and his mom said first that she was proud of him because he is “being successful in a way I never dreamed you could be successful.” Those are our favorite kind of success stories, because they’re so true to the human spirit. Catlanta says that Atlanta is “a city where it doesn’t feel impossible to do what you want to do,” and we couldn’t agree more! It’s a pretty amazing thing to be a part of telling stories about folks like Catlanta because we, too, feel that this city has given US the opportunity to do what WE want to do as well–it’s a city full of passionate people who have these incredible, compelling stories.

Speaking of passion, check out these articles about the video from our beloved local presses! You can catch us in Scoutmob and in Creative Loafing this week.

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