Record Store Day 2012

Last Fall, Criminal Records, dubbed a “Little Five Institution” by Scoutmob, announced that it would be closing its doors to the Atlanta community it has served for over 20 years. However, the ATLocal folks simply would not have that, once again proving that the Internet might not prevail over the brick-and-mortar record stores that taught us how to love music (and what music to love). At least not yet. The city threw itself behind the Save Criminal campaign, and many musicians who got their start through Criminal Records got behind Criminal as well. The result was a rally of the human spirit to keep the doors of this beloved local landmark open. And the good guys won.

Today, Criminal Records is still open. Actually, they are very open today, as today happens to be RECORD STORE DAY, an international holiday celebrating, well, record stores. Today over at Criminal Records, there are lots of tasty Record Store Day happenings in the store, including the release of limited edition vinyl and an in-store performance by Patterson Hood and a handful of Truckers. We’re posting this video we made for the Save Criminal campaign last fall featuring Eric Levin, co-founder of Record Store Day and owner of Criminal Records, as a reminder of WHY record stores are so important to us, how they shape and create communities out of musicians, artists, and locals who love the local.

To find out more about how you can celebrate Record Store Day in Atlanta, check out Scoutmob’s run-down of today’s events around town. Since Record Store celebrations are happening all over the world today, those of you who are not ATLans may find Record Store Day’s app (for iPhone and Android) most useful.

Finally, if there’s one thing that connects modern humans to one another, it’s the smile that comes across a person’s face when they tell you about the first album they ever purchased. (Mine was Amy Grant’s “Heart in Motion.” There is no real defense outside of the fact that I was seven and my frontal lobe hadn’t had a chance to fully develop yet.) Anyways, in the spirit of the things that bind us and in celebration of Record Store Day, we’d love it if you would share the first album you ever owned in the comments section of this post. We’ll give a Criminal Records t-shirt to five of our favorite stories–you’ve got all weekend, just check back Monday morning. Meantime, go spend some money at your favorite local record store!

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