Jane Sweet Jane

When it comes to design, we like to think of your website as your corner of the Internet. We want your audience to feel like they are walking into your business, like they’re pulling up a chair in your office. Walking into Jane Sweet Jane, an Alabama shop as sweet as its name offering handcrafted home decor, is as warm and cozy as holding a cup of coffee in your hands. And yet, these ladies have managed to make their craft store modern, clean, and sophisticated with a nod to the downhome heritage of the South. We wanted to capture this vibe in the website we developed and designed for her.

We drew our design elements from things around Jane Randall’s shop: the graphics on her site were pulled from the handcut stencils she paints onto her pillows, vintage buttons are incorporated into the design as well. Pairing these pieces pulled from the physical shop itself with a modern, clean font helped us capture that comfortable, yet modern vibe, of Jane Randall’s store.

While we do want every site we design and develop to be beautiful, we also want to ensure that people get what they need in order to do business with you once they get there. We shot Jane Randall’s stocked pillows in the store rather than against a stark white, because we feel that the context of where her pillows came from have a lot to do with why those pillows are special–they’re coming from a kind of home into your home. As such, we included items around the shop that go into making a pillow in our stock photos. Jane Randall also does a good deal of custom work, we wanted to make ordering custom pillows online a snap.

Finally, we want your site to tell a story because we believe that compelling stories drive people to invest in the things they invest in. Jane Sweet Jane’s pillows aren’t like pillows you find in a department store–they are one of a kind, comfortable conversation starters. Each pillow has a story–whether it carries an image of a state you’ve lived in the South or the face of a beloved child or pet. More than anything,  we wanted Jane Sweet Jane’s website to tell a story. Her homepage features a short video that SHOWS you where the pillows come from and we helped Jane Randall set up a blog (which is connected to a newsletter that automatically goes out to her mailing list when she updates) to check in with her audience regularly about what’s going on in the shop.

All of these features–the graphic elements we pulled from her shop, the still photography capturing her products, the video sharing her story, the custom contact forms, and the blog newsletter–help to engage her audience in a way that is powerful, compelling, and real. Our approach to web development and design goes beyond numbers and analytics (though we’ve got those to back us up as well!) and gets at the heart of what makes you and your business special.


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